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Luxury & Glamour, all in one Vegan pearl Necklace & Earrings LAKSHMI

Luxury & Glamour, all in one Vegan pearl Necklace & Earrings LAKSHMI

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This Kundan style Necklace & Earrings set with alluring Vegan Pearls is a perfect statement of Luxury, Glamour & Femininity. The Jewellery set is made of brass, plated with 22 carat gold, adorned with Kundan stones in a special Kundan technique and finished with chunky layers Vegan Pearls. Hand made by Indian artisans using the authentic and storied Kundan method. The name Kundan means refined gold where pure molten gold foil is used as a holder for the gems. The history of Kundan Jewellery goes back thousands of years. The Kundan Jewellery were traditionally worn by, Princesses, courtesans, noble class and Maharanis(wives of Maharajas). Over the years the women across all social denominations wear the Kundan jewellery to adorn their beauty. The goddess of prosperity is LAKSHMI. 

Bring the goddess in you with this impressive and authentic Jewellery Set. We recommend Lakshmi for special occasions, for weddings, family celebrations, night at the theatre, dinners and any other occasion that compliments your personality.  

Feel like a queen wearing this impressive and authentic jewelry.

  • Metal - a mixed alloy of metals
  • Stone - Kundan and vegan pearls
  • Plating - 22k gold


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