Be amazed, be aware, be brave, know and become aware of the subtle levels of being. The world around us is a dance of energy that manifests in everything, primarily as bindu. Bindu in Sanskrit means a point, a droplet, a beginning of something new. And that’s not all. Bindu is a chakra where the fountain of youth, vitality and wellbeing is located. Bindu is a mysterious and remarkable energy centre in the human body.

Our brand b i n d u b i n d u  embodies a unique spirit of style and sparkle to create big, rich, and colourful expressions. Through partnership with an artisanal jewellery house in India bindubindu connects the rich heritage and amazing art of jewellery making in a meaningful way. The artisans that create our jewellery use traditional skills & techniques that have been passed down for generations, ensuring they are also immersed in a rich history and cultural heritage. 

Enjoy the blend of artistry, style, sparkle and heritage.