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Adorable & Charming Statement Earrings Chunky & Gold-plated JYOTI

Adorable & Charming Statement Earrings Chunky & Gold-plated JYOTI

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Adorable and charming Chunky gold plated stud earrings adorned with Kundan stones & Vegan Pearls,  is a true statement of brightness and unique expression of individual style. JYOTI meaning the light in Sanskrit, indeed add lightness to your personality and will make everyone turn to see. The exquisite earrings are handcrafted by Indian craftsmen using the authentic and storied Kundan method. The name Kundan means refined gold where pure molten gold foil is used as a holder for the gems. The history of Kundan Jewellery goes back to  thousands of years.

The Bell-shaped JYOTI earrings are called Jumkha in India and are said to have been created for gods and goddesses. Only much later they were crafted as an ornamental pieces to wear by women. Wearing these exquisite earrings is believed to provide divine protection.

A perfect statement piece of style and luxury for family celebrations, parties, weddings, festivals and other special occasions.

Feel like a goddess wearing these striking and authentic earrings.

Metal - brass
Stone - Kundan and artificial pearls
Plating - 22k gold

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